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Should you wish to empower your own inside sales group, Randevoo can provide you all of the tools and training to execute with a laser effectiveness that will dramatically increase the ROI of your telemarketing group!

Our Coaching Staff members have 15-30 years of Sales Experience including: building & managing inside sales for several firms, in a variety of industries, including the exciting Performance Based Randevoo Inc. Our experience spans industries such as: Hi-Tech, Software & Consulting, Banking, Insurance, Credit Card, Mortgage, Publishing and several others.

Randevoo will train your INSIDE Sales Team in Telemarketing Best Practices to attain either B2B or B2C Certification in as little as 1-2 days!

Our powerful and effective Training Methods will empower your newly skilled group to get to Key Decision Makers quickly, increase your Sales Pipeline and Close More Business NOW!

Our training focuses on:
  • Creating Laser Sharp Exciting Scripts to Excite Your Prospect
  • Powerful Techniques on Working with Gatekeepers
  • Spending Time on Prospects Most Likely to BUY (Hi Value Prospects)
  • Dramatically Improve Your Closing Ratio NOW

Programs can be tailored to suit specific requirements and updates provided on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and can be delivered either remotely or on site.

We also provide additional Coaching such as:
  • Recruiting/Hiring the Best to Eliminate costly turnover
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Development of Effective Compensation Plans
  • Messaging & Positioning to ensure tactical advantages
  • Segmentation/Targeting to ensure optimal audiences
  • Best Practices for an effective 'Sales Process'
  • Best Practices for CRM to effectively Manage Pipeline

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