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Positioning & Messaging

Even the most compelling products or services can fail if not positioned or delivered in the most advantageous manner.

Key Elements in a sales campaign to consider:
  • Who are you relative to your competitors?
  • What precisely is your value for customers?
  • Where does your solution or product fit best?
  • Why are you unique?

Randevoo will assist you in defining your Message and Product Positioning; as it should always be crystal clear to your clients to provide the level of "comfort" they are typically seeking.

Value Propositions

In today's business environment a good value proposition is simply not enough to penetrate most markets. An effective Value Proposition should incorporate powerful sales elements that will resonate with your targeted buyers. It should be complemented by an "unforgettable first impression" (ie also includes key elements) of your goods/services.

Consider the following issues for your Value Proposition:
  • Why should anyone listen to your sales pitch?
  • What is so unique about it?
  • Is it easy to grasp & quickly relate to?
  • Where is the value and is it compelling enough for your prospects to listen?
  • Should the value proposition be altered based on my targets?

Randevoo will craft an exciting & compelling value proposition that is both vital to the success of any sales (lead generation campaign), as well as capturing the attention of your target key decision makers.

Segmentation & Targeting

Your Marketing Dollars should be invested in markets⁄industries⁄companies that will yield the maximum outcome for your company's goods and services. Most firms have a "sweet spot" or "niche" target markets that are destined to be the best investment of their time.

Randevoo will assist you in determining:
  • Who are the specific industries most likely to buy my goods/services?
  • Which sizes of firms are most likely to acquire my product the fastest?
  • Who is the Perfect Customer Target, and which title should I be calling on?
  • Where should I spend my marketing dollars?

Randevoo can execute Campaigns to "Trial & Error" (via its Inside Sales Staff) any specific industries that clients wish to explore to flush out any'hidden markets' or simply confirm where the 'sweet spot' exists.

Randevoo also provides users access to its list of contacts for the Fortune 1000 as well as SMB companies.

Market Assessment

Understanding the nuances and dynamics of your markets are critical to your success. This is usually further complicated by a changing landscape and economy. Randevoo can provide clients with the following expertise:

Planning for Research - What do I need to know about my markets and which questions should I ask?

Market Research - How do I conduct a meaningful and cost effective market research program for my new or existing product or a new market I wish to test?

Test My Results - How can I bear out the fruits of my research and verify if prospects will really be interested enough to meet with me?

Randevoo can assist in all of these areas from the planning stages of market assessment to the actual research and ultimately helping you to measure your findings with real live customers!

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